Playlist: The Best MC’s Ever: The Other Guys – Part 2

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Zilla Rocca continues his playlist of the greatest emcees you won’t find on your average list, suggested by his Twitter followers. Check Part 2 and Zilla Rocca’s intro notes below. If you missed Part 1, catch up here.

The Best MC’s Ever: The Other Guys – Part 2. Words and playlist curation by Zilla Rocca

What I love about this next group of rappers is how you have G. Dep in there, someone who lights up my mentions anytime his name is typed out on Twitter. G. Dep is the perfect example of being one of the greatest rappers of all time – sometimes you just need a small contribution to make a decades-long impact. That flow! From Special Delivery to Let’s Get It to Child of the Ghetto – do we need more than three songs to prove his talent was titanic?

Pace Won stole the show on The Fugees’ The Score with Cowboys, then electrified us with I Declare War and The Rah Rah. I don’t need five classic LP’s after that to tell you he’s incredible.

Cool Calm Pete hasn’t released a project in 12 years but Lost still sticks with people. How many other rappers are you still thinking about from 2006 who aren’t even active?

On a personal note, my friends billy woods and Elucid are now making it up the ranks and it’s incredible to see, but it’s also built on a four year run of those dudes pumping out incredible music every few months, solo or as Armand Hammer. They are the indie prog rap version of Redman and Method Man.

And don’t forget that Method Man has never gotten over his lack of props, which is astounding considering he formatted his rhymes on paper with the technical science of GZA and Rakim but delivered them with the rolling charisma and unpredictable catchiness of ODB. Just write down his rhyme scheme on Bring the Pain and see how he breaks up his punchlines. He is the rare rapper to completely map out his verses but deliver it in fashion that sounds freestyled. His rhymes are mechanical but his delivery is liquid.

Track list:
1. Tame One – Tame As It Ever Was
2. Method Man – The Riddler
3. G-Dep – Child of the Ghetto
4. Devin the Dude – Doobie Ashtray
5. Peedi Crack – Good Life
6. Black Thought – 75 Bars
7. Killer Mike – God in the Building
8. Cool Calm Pete – Lost
9. Pusha T – Numbers on the Board
10. Pace Won – Sunroof Top
11. Mos Def – Quiet Dog
12. Ka – Vessel
13. Mr. Lif – Live from the Plantation
14. Beanie Sigel – The Truth
15. billy woods – Warmachines
16. Elucid – Son Still Shine
17. Lauryn Hill – Final Hour
18. El-P – Drones Over Bklyn
19. Styles P – I-95
20. Kurupt – Calling Out Names
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