Prime Cuts: Ka – A Playlist by Nick Gauder

Spotify_Curated_Playlist_Fadeawaybarber_Prime Cuts KA_Social SquareWe’ve been pretty damn excited about the new album from Ka, Orpheus Vs The Sirens, recorded with Animoss as the Hermit and the Recluse. Someone else excited is Ka fan and curator of all good new hip-hop, Nick Gauder. Today we welcome him on board as a new contributor to Grown Up Rap, and to celebrate the release of Orpheus Vs The Sirens he’s selected some prime cuts from Ka’s incredible catalog for our latest Spotify playlist.

Check the 13-track playlist and listen below. Follow Nick on Twitter here.

1. 247365
2. Children
3. No Downtime
4. Up Against Goliath
5. Jungle
6. Soap Box feat. Roc Marciano
7. Fall Of The Bronze
8. To Hull & Back
9. Day 13
10. Day 22
11. Grapes Of Wrath
12. Mourn At Night
13. I Wish (Death Poem)
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