Premiere: Giallo Point & PhybaOptikz – ‘Catch 22’ + Interview

CATCH 22 NEWThe last couple of years have seen us write about pretty much every bit of new music producer Giallo Point has made, partly because we like to champion quality UK hip-hop, partly because he works with a lot of talented emcees, but mostly because his creations are consistently great. As the beatmaker of choice for his own Crate Divizion crew, the #Winners crew and just about any other crew you can name, his skills have seen him become one of the most in-demand producers on the indy rap circuit. Check his latest single below, the first taste of the upcoming Voynich Manuscript album with PhybaOptikz, then read our short interview.

Your stock has grown very quickly in the last two years, with emcees from around the world wanting your beats. How satisfying is it to know people respect your music?

Its very inspiring man; getting love from some of my favorite MCs makes it all worth it. And shout out to all the heads checking online as well.

You seem to be at the center of a new generation of quality rappers bubbling on the independent scene, including Supreme Cerebral, Crimeapple, Daniel Son, SmooVth, Jay Holly and Tha God Fahim. What do you think draws these artists to your productions?

I would say its more the fact I’ll plan to make something from the jump I could imagine them writing to. Like I always have an idea what would fit best around each MC. That doesn’t always work though [laughs]. Sometimes they’ll pick a beat I don’t really wanna use. But 9/10 times it works from me sending them.

Do people now usually come to you asking for beats, or do you reach out yourself first?

Yeah I usually reach out to them with a batch of beats and I’m mega picky with what MCs I wanna work with.

Tell us more about Crate Divizion. How did the collective start, and who else reps the name outside of you, PhybaOptikz and Vic Grimes?

So Crate Divizion was originally started around 2013 by Vic Grimes. He’s the guy that put this whole movement together. Shout my man right there. I discovered Vic on Soundcloud. He had some crazy beats on there and I took inspiration from hearing these, and we started going back and forth for a couple of months, and then Giallo Point became the 2nd member. PhybaOptikz’ style fit perfectly for what CDVZ is all about. He makes those library spy type of beats, and plus he is an Ill MC too. Daniel Son is in the circle, but he also reps his team BBM (Brown Bag Money). So that’s the team right there.

You also have pretty close ties with #TheWinners. Was that a relationship that grew via Twitter and email, or have you all had chance to connect in person?

#TheWinners formed all through Hus Kingpin. Shout out my man because originally we hooked up through me sending him beats via email. Then the tracks started stacking between him and SmooVth, and from About 2015 Hus was like: ‘we got El Ay and Giallo Point repping the team from The UK’. And then the rest was formed in the US by him.

The style of production you have has obvious boom bap influences, but it can also be quite minimalist, similar to the work of other producers like Roc Marciano, Ka, Skizz and Daringer. Who do you see as your inspirations, and your peers?

I like to flip many styles which you’ll see with the next three releases. As far as inspirations go I’d say household names; you know, Premier, DJ Muggs, RZA and so on.

How would you yourself describe your style?

Gritty with drama overall.

Are there any artists you are itching to work with? Roc Marciano seems like he’d be a good fit.

Roc would be dope. But there are many I could list. One other I’d say is Kool G Rap, because he’s my favorite MC of all time.

Catch 22 is from an upcoming new album from you and fellow Crate Division artist PhybaOptikz, named Voynich Manuscript. Tell us more about what we can expect, and the meaning of the name.

According to Wikipedia, ‘Voynich Manuscript is an illustrated codex hand-written in an unknown writing system. The vellum on which it is written has been carbon-dated to the early 15th century’. Basically, Phybaoptikz is using the concept to showcase his lyrical wordplay to paint vivid pictures over cinematic back drops of tales of danger, whilst delivering a message in word patterns.

Look out for Voynich Manuscript coming soon. Follow Giallo Point here. Interview by Grown Up Rap Editor Ben Pedroche.

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